Industrial Worker – Issue #1764, April 2014

The Industrial Worker is the official (English language) newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) revolutionary labor union.

* Striking Workers At Boston Insomnia Cookies Win Settlement
* Portland IWW Fights Wage Theft
* Indiana IWW Celebrates One Year As A Branch

* Miami IWW: Fighting Back In High-End Hotels
* Exposed: The Adjunctification Of Higher Education
* Solidarity Unionism In Iceland

Industrial Worker – Issue #1757, July/August 2013

The Industrial Worker is the official newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union.

Industrial Worker – Issue #1757, July/August 2013

* Mass Protests, Social Unrest Engulf Turkey
* Sisters’ Camelot Management Admits To Dishonesty About Fired Worker
* OpOK Relief: Solidarity Is Our Strength

* When History Gets It Wrong: Reclaiming Our Victories
* A 100-Year-Old Idea That Could Transform The Labor Movement
* Fanning And Dousing The Flames Of Discontent

Industrial Worker – Issue #1756, June 2013

* Wobblies Defend Fired Bus Driver In London
* IWWs Organize & Win In North Carolina
* The Struggle Continues At Chi-Lake Liquors

* May Day Celebrated Around the World
* Historical Perspective On Lithuanian Unions
* Industrial Tragedy In Bangladesh

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Industrial Worker – Issue #1753, March 2013

Industrial Worker – Issue #1753, March 2013

Solidarity Greetings for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

-IWW Workers Fight Wage Theft, Abuse At Portland Restaurant
-Grand Rapids Call Center Goes Wobbly
-Factory In Greece Under Workers’ Control

-How Can Your IWW Branch Fight Patriarchy
-Special: Women’s Struggles Celebrated Through Song
-Analysis: Anti-Assimilation, Radical Queer Tendencies & Class Struggle

Industrial Worker – Issue #1752, January/February 2013

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-Victory! IWW Cleaners In London Win Pay Rise
-IWW Dishwasher Wins Against The Boss
-The Right-To-Work For Less In Michigan

-Staughton Lynd: A Few Words On IWW Organizing
-Railroad Workers Resist Cutbacks
-2013: A New Year For International Solidarity

Industrial Worker – Issue #1751, December 2012

The Industrial Worker is the official newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) labor union.


-Staughton Lynd: The New Rank And File, And The Walmart Moment
-IWW Report From The Norwegian Social Forum
-Union Leadership Sells Out Verizon Workers


-The Wobbly Tour Of Indiana
-Building A Branch Requires Persistence & Perseverance
-In December We Remember Our Fellow Workers

Industrial Worker – Issue #1750, November 2012

Below is a link to the November 2012 issue of the IWW’s official newspaper, the Industrial Worker:

* The Chicago Teachers Strike & The Privatization Of A Generation
* In November We Remember: The Centennial Of The 1912 Little Falls Textile Strike
* Hundreds Rally For Paid Sick Days In Portland

* Workers’ Power: In November We Remember
* Staughton Lynd: Lessons From The Steel Mills
* Workers Organize & Walk Out On Wildcat Strikes Globally