Ready for (Direct) Action

Here we are folks. We have come a long way, and yet it is just the beginning of our branch here in Southern Maine. As the new communications and outreach officer, I want to make sure everyone knows what great progress we have made.IWW Cake.png

Our branch is looking very prepared for the future we can expect here in Maine. We have quadrupled our number of delegates, allowing us to handle the considerable growth in membership that we have had this year, and preparing us for even more impressive growth expected for next year. We also have elected our first set of officers, ratified our first set of bylaws, and are well along in the process of becoming an officially chartered branch. Let us not forget that we have also hosted the well attended Organizer Training 101 twice this year.

That just leaves the question: what’s next? So far we already have plans for an additional OT101 as well as our first OT102. The chartering process is already most of the way completed and will be wrapped up shortly. I think it is also safe to expect another even more substantial increase in membership. Most importantly of course is that this is going to be a year of action. By this time next year I expect we will be openly fighting alongside our fellow workers. Those who would seek to exploit and oppress us are going to be in for quite the shock when they learn what we already know.

That the union makes us strong