Call-In to Support Incarcerated Folks at Nash CI

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An incarcerated IWOC member asks for support in the form of a call-in campaign in North Carolina.

Support incarcerated folks in Nash Correctional Institution in Nashville, North Carolina by calling-in and speaking out against the Warden and the dangerous environment being created within the prison walls.

Message from an Anonymous Incarcerated Worker:

“I do need you and the other workers to help me help these guys here at Nash Prison. This warden that’s running this place is treating the people and prisoners like slaves. He is putting the Willie Lynch down on staff and prisoners, he is making this prison unsafe for his staff and prisoners. Every day he is pushing us trying to make us go off so he can keep us locked down in our cells all day. Right now he is running this place like close custody prison, locking our cell doors while we are in the block, tell his staff to open the door every hour or so. I need all IWW to help us here…Tell the union. This will help get things back to the way it should be and stop this guy from treating his staff and prisoners like slaves.”

Numbers to call:

Secretary of Public Safety: (919) 733-2126
Adult correction chief deputy and chief of prisons: (919) 838-4000
Community Corrections: (919) 716-3010

Call-In Script:

“I’m calling because we’ve received word that the warden of Nash Correctional Institution is deliberately creating an unsafe environment for both inmates and staff. We suggest he be disciplined and his actions investigated.”

PLEASE BE AWARE that these calls will, at the very least, be aggravating to staff and will disrupt their work day which may lead to aggravated responses. Because of this, the call-in may require varying degrees of emotional labor depending on staff responses.