How To Support and Spread the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike

What follows is a list of resources about how to spread and build the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike.

The teachers strike in West Virginia is continuing to evolve, several days after the union bureaucrats tried to call it off. Teachers voted today to occupy the capitol, although that did not end up happening. We are seeing the teachers continuing to run their own strike and give an example of what real #resistance looks like to the rest of the country and the world! The working class solidarity we are seeing as people run food distribution, take care of children, and spread the strike will be an inspiration for years. The spirit of Blair Mountain lives!

Come Out!

For people within driving distance of West Virginia, we warmly invite you to come here and talk with teachers and other people in the community wherever you can, and bring agitational materials with you. There will be a lot happening in Charleston, but it will also be valuable to go to other parts of the state if you can. Now is an important time to talk with other working-class people across this state about how they can support the teachers strike, and how they can unite their own struggles with the teachers strike. If you’re able to go but need help with gas or printing costs, let us know. Let’s figure out how to spread the strike to teacher’s 2nd jobs!


For people further from West Virginia, we strongly encourage you to begin talking in your communities about how you can support this strike and learn from it, education workers in particular. If possible, organize mass meetings of education workers to talk about next steps in your area. We’ve already heard of this happening in other states! If you want to do this and aren’t sure how, contact us or your local IWW group. The efforts of the rich to destroy public education are not limited to West Virginia. Don’t let WV Strike alone – now more than ever we need a coast-to-coast strike of education workers!


The official IWW West Virginia fund is located here.

Strike fund for West Virginia teachers is here.


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Spread the following memes on social media. Also, print out and put up this poster in support of the strike!