Milwaukee IWW member’s husband taken by ICE

Stop ICE from taking Juan Torres away from his family!!! (Shuwa Torres, Esther Torres-Trainor, and baby Israel)

Stop ICE from taking Juan Torres away from his family!!!




White America has a long ugly history of destroying family and culture of black and brown folks who were forced into the country, either in chains, or as refugees. It’s 2018, and still families are being separated based on racist policies which govern who qualifies for US citizenship. The current administration has shown extreme prejudice against black and brown immigrants, and it’s clear that now these sentiments are being carried out by ICE. Today, in West Bend WI, a member of my own family was arrested at his home and detained indefinitely.

For those who don’t know him, let me introduce you to Shuwa (Juan) Torres. Father of two year old Israel, husband of Esther Trainor. In this world, you only come across a father so committed, loving, and responsible as Shuwa very rarely. He works tirelessly to support his family, and treats them with utmost gentleness and care. He’s an excellent cook, too, and has no doubt contributed to his young son’s fascination with the culinary arts – while babysitting, I have often marveled at his attention to and delight with anything we prepare in the kitchen together. Because of his father, Israel also gets the opportunity most of us don’t – to grow up bilingual, and to preserve connection to his native heritage. Israel deserves all the parental love and support he can get – the very best of which comes from having both his mother and father in his life.

Shuwa has made great sacrifices and gone long distances to build the life he has. While America’s legal path to citizenship is notoriously long and challenging, he has been engaged in that process for a long time and has made significant progress. However, as far as ICE is concerned, it’s too little too late. On top of a bond set at $2000, there will now be additional legal fees in order to prevent Shuwa from being deported. Both he and his wife work in the restaurant business, and these costs prove to be prohibitive to them. Already with the loss of Shuwa’s income from the household, Esther will be struggling to make ends meet. Anything you can give to support this family will send a powerful message that we, the people, do NOT support the ICE agenda and that we will stand strong in community even in adversity.