Longtime Wobbly in Need of Solidarity

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Mike Pesa is a longtime member of the Industrial Workers of the World, currently belonging to the Baltimore General Membership Branch and previously the New York City GMB. Describing Fellow Worker Mike, FW Daniel Gross of the NYC GMB says, “Mike is one of the greatest Wobblies and human beings out there, an extremely hard worker for the union … a humble, generous spirit and consistent Wobbly for years and years.” Being a committed Wobbly, Fellow Worker Mike should be able to rely on the IWW and our comrades around the world during his time of need.

In February of 2017, FW Mike’s wife, Heidi, a former kindergarten teacher, suffered a brain injury, putting her in a coma for months. Following an undoubtedly difficult 10-month hospital stay, she was finally able to return home, although she still requires extensive care. Due to her injury, Heidi’s mobility and functionality have been limited, necessitating 24-hour supervision, not to mention physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well medication, medical equipment, and supplies, and transportation to and from appointments. FW Mike estimates, “Even in a best-case scenario, Heidi’s recovery is going to take years, and she will likely need some type of care or assistance for the rest of her life.”

It should come as no surprise to us, as anti-capitalists, that the insurance company supposedly obligated to cover the cost of Heidi’s healthcare is shirking its responsibility. As anti-capitalists, we know that insurance companies will abandon us for a buck, but also that we will always support each other.

In the spirit of solidarity, we ask that you support FW Mike through this tragic ordeal. If you are able to make a financial contribution, please donate to Heidi’s healthcare fund through this GoFundMe page; if you cannot give financially, please help share this appeal as widely as possible.

Solidarity Forever,