Organizers across Maine are calling on residents to attend a peaceful counter rally to the Alt-Right inspired “Denounce Political Violence” rally scheduled for September 30. The counter rally will begin at 11:00am and will be held in Capitol Park in Augusta. All who oppose fascism, white supremacy and bigotry are encouraged and welcome to attend. More details to come and more groups expected to sign on.


* Background research via the Industrial Workers of the World

* A public photo on the Facebook page of Jarody which demonstrates a direct connection between alt right organizing and this event. For context, Pepe the frog is a cartoon which has become an alt-right mascot. He is making the OK hand symbol, which has also become an alt-right symbol.

Statement of Unity

We, the undersigned, oppose the so called “Denounce Political Violence” rally planned for September 30 in Augusta, Maine. We view it as a deliberate provocation by ultra-conservatives and conspiracy theorists in order to promote their hateful agenda and their conflation of fascist violence with the right of a community to self defense. This rally was organized by people affiliated with hate groups that were peacefully shut down by tens of thousands of counter-protesters in Boston. In that spirit, we believe that all communities have the right to self-defense and call for all supporters of universal human rights to join us in a nearby peaceful counter-protest. We call on event speakers to remove themselves from this engagement and overtly denounce the principles of the key organizers.  We welcome people of all backgrounds to stand together against the violence and bigotry of alt-right extremists. Through organization and determination, supporters of human rights and racial justice can overcome hateful bigotry.

Bangor Racial and Economic Justice Coalition
Maine John Brown Gun Club
International Socialist Organization
Portland C.O.N.F.R.O.N.T.
Socialist Party of Maine
Socialist Alternative Maine
Southern Maine IWW