Free Movie Night with Occupy Maine and the IWW on Friday, July 13

The Southern Maine IWW and Occupy Maine, Portland are presenting a FREE MOVIE NIGHT at 7 PM on Friday, July 13 at the Meg Perry Center, 644 Congress Street, in Portland. The movie is “Workers’ Republic” by Andrew Friend. Here is a printable promotional flyer for the event. Please contact us for more information.

“In December of 2008, laid-off Chicago factory workers occupied their vanishing workplace, Republic Windows & Doors, declaring they would not leave until the owners and creditors agreed to pay them the severance that they were owed. They held the factory for six days.

‘Workers’ Republic’ is an awe-inspiring film that captures the courage of ordinary people who take on considerable risks in a stand for their rights. Before the recent Occupy Wall Street movement grabbed the imagination of a nation fed-up with the crimes of the super-rich, the workers of Republic resurrected and harnessed a long-dormant authority that sets a bold standard and imparts a powerful compass for the triumph of everyday people.”