Southern Maine IWW and Occupy Maine, Portland to Present a Free Public Screening of Workers’ Republic

As part of our efforts to promote a class-struggle-oriented working class culture here in Maine, the Southern Maine IWW will be putting on a free, public screening of “Workers’ Republic.” “Workers’ Republic” is a documentary about factory workers in Chicago who took over the plant they worked in when the management tried to outsource their jobs. Here’s a trailer:

We are also very pleased to announce that Occupy Maine, Portland voted at their GA this evening to co-sponsor the screening and will be our partners in putting it together. Thank you, Occupy!

The screening’s time and place are TBA, but we expect it to be held in downtown Portland in mid-July. We’ll post the details here on the blog as soon as we know them, so please check back here regularly or subscribe to new posts by RSS or e-mail (in sidebar at right).